Let It All Go

This outfit is super sexy and out now at N21! The hair is new by Doux and just gorgeous, I am wearing it with extra volume and an add on.


HAIR: DOUX Amamda hairstyle new at mainstore
OUTIFIT:{vincue} Mely+Top & Undie Sand @N21
HEAD ACCESSORIES: Lode head accessory wild sakura, white, feathers and butterflies
RINGS: (Yummy) Love Spell Ring Set @N21
EYESHADOW: Veechi Halcyon Shadow @N21
LIPSTICK: L’Etre Lola lipsticks [#5]
ALT POSES: GingerFish Poses Birdy 2_mirror
IE Viper 5 mirror
FOXCITY Cutiepie


The Way I Do

I am happy to share I will now be blogging for Pretty Mess!  That’s pretty much me in a nutshell lol.  This sexy Active Set is coming to N21 today and comes in various colors with other text and plain as well.  This sexy Choker is by Pretty Mess as well and is available in silver or gold also at N21 today!



OUTFIT: Pretty Mess – Active Sets @N21
CHOKER: Pretty Mess – Knotted Chokers @N21
HAIR: DOUX – Desi hairstyle
SHOES: EMPIRE – Jaborosa
EARS: L’Etre Olympe mesh ears
SKIN: L’Etre Skin Shop – Lola Skin [Pearl Tone] New in mainstore
EYESHADOW: L’Etre – Lola eyeshadows New in mainstore
LIPSTICK: L’Etre – Lola lipsticks [#4] New in mainstore
CIGARETTE: [ kunst ] – Cigarette
BACKGROUND: anxiety local v1 @Shiny Shabby
ALT POSES: Le Poppycock-Love current, MaiY 3, ProPose Chanel 10

Anthem for the Broken

Shiny Shabby opens today with some phenomenal stuff! Here are a few of my favs!



HAIR: Shi Hair Batach @Shiny Shabby
LINGERIE: BigBeautifulDoll GLORIA Mesh Lingerie @Shiny Shabby
HEAD PIECE: LODE Head Accessory Philadelphus Wreath @Shiny Shabby
TATTOO: Hipster Style Genesi Tattoo @Shiny Shabby
SHOES: Mosquito’s Way Lorena @Tres Chic
BACKGROUND: anxiety %local v1 @Shiny Shabby
MAIN POSE: Del May – Rawr
ALT POSES: Vitalis Animatum Descarade 2mirror L4
Vitalis Animatum Zumanity 13 L4
Aerial High F 13

Yours to Keep

L’Etre has this gorgeous new skin out and I am so in love with this new hair by Doux! I paired them with a fabulous headpiece by Lode.


HAIR: DOUX Ruby hairstyle [Blondes] New in mainstore
HEADPEICE: *LODE* Head Accessory – Forest Breath
LINGERIE: :Moon Amore: Roselinde Lingerie Set @Collabor88
SHOES: Mosquito’s Way Lorena @Tres Chic
SKIN: L’Etre Skin Shop – Lola Skin [Pearl Tone] New in mainstore
EYESHADOW: L’Etre – Lola eyeshadows New in mainstore
LIPSTICK: L’Etre – Lola lipsticks [#4] New in mainstore
CONFETTI IN BACKGROUND: {anc} Confetti. straight (A) [gold]
MAIN POSE: AE – High F 34
ALT POSES: DM – I’d rather not; AE – My back 5; AE – High F 37

Like a Stone

I’m in love with this dress by Malena Von Dash and the head piece and necklace by Gabriel are phenomenal!


HEAD PIECE: Gabriel Head cross chain White Silver RARE @Whimsical
NECKLACE: GabrielCross Necklace White silver @Whimsical
DRESS: Malena Von Dash Kimmie Dress Vintage @Tres Chic
HAIR: Doux Empar hairstyle @Tres Chic
SHOES: Mosquito’s Way Lorena @Tres Chic
EYESHADOW: S.E Retro Pop 60’S Makeup eyes
LIPGLOSS: Bossie dollie lipsticks & gloss @Whimsical
BACKGROUND: anxiety %polarize (singlewall)
MAIN POSE: Del May – Modernity
ALT POSES: Del May – Curvacious;
Del May – You were saying something?; Aerial – High F 37



I just love this background by anxiety, they have some really amazing backgrounds and i’m seeing them all over the grid at events so many more to come!

EASY .png


CHASTITY BELT: Astralia – Chastity belt set @Romp
BELT TOP: EC Package Cynda @Suicide Dollz
HAIR: Moon Messenger @Kustom 9
COLLAR: Converge Tooth Collar @Fantasy Gatcha
SHOES: NOIR Kirsten @Ultra
BACKGROUND: anxiety %polarize @Cosmo
MAIN POSE: Del May – Cat chat
ALT POSES Aerial My back 1 curvy shape;  Aerial High F 31

The Feel Again

This sexy outfit is by Cubic Cherry, i just love how it looks and though I am not typically a fan of latex, i’m loving this! The hair is by Pr!tty and comes with the accessories as options to be added, which i love.


HAIR: Pr!tty Endless Blondes @ENCHANTMENT
OUTFIT: Cubic Cherry Mian outfit white latex @ROMP
SHOES: Phedora Swan pointe
LEG WRAPS: Phedora Swan Laces
LIPSTICK: Glamorize Glitter Funk Lipstick
EYE SHADOW: Pink Fuel Eye shadow – Smokey Boudoir

MAIN POSE: Ariel – High F 33
ALT POSES: Ariel – High F 18
Ariel dance 4
Del May – Waistline

Use Me

Oh Romp how I love thee………and this hair from Tableau Vivant, gah I’m in heaven!

USE ME.png

HAIR: Tableau Vivant Seelie and Unseelie hair Nat I @Fantasy Gatcha
COLLAR: AsteroidBox. Nailed Posture @Romp
HARNESS: S&P Like A Prayer harness RARE @Romp
NIPPLE CLAMPS: S&P Like A Prayer clamps black @Romp
HAT: Lode Hat  Melancholy [cream]
SHOES: Azoury Circus Ballet Shoes [Black]
EYE SHADOW: Idtty Faces Flawless Eyeshadow @Romp
LIPS: Arise Wounded Lips 4
MAIN POSE: Del May – You were saying something?
ALT POSES: Del May – Look back
Del May – Delicate flower
Del May – Attitude


This beautiful head piece from Lode is not new but i simply adore it.  Pairs nicely with the new Tableau Vivant hair from Collabor 88 and the United Colors dress from Cosmopolitan!


HEAD PIECE: LODE Head Accessory – Gerbera
HAIR: Tableau Vivant Undercut fringe @Collabor88
DRESS: United Colors Viper dress @Cosmopolitan
LIP GLOSS: Soiree – Natural sheer gloss lip
EYE SHADOW: euphoric Azra Glitter Eyeliner (Catwa)
SHOES: EMPIRE – Narcissus @The Chapter Four
MAIN POSE: Del May Look back
ALT POSES: Del May – Balletic stand, Del May- Attitude, Ariel AE – High F 40